IPv6 at home, prefix length and lease duration

Hi all,

Let's preface:

I'm in West Hollywood, when I started my plan it was TWC.


First question:

I fail to get anything else than a /64. Is this correct? Am I doing something wrong?


Second question:

How often does the prefix change? Every reboot? Every modem change? Every time Saturns goes around the sun? 



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Re: IPv6 at home, prefix length and lease duration

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/64 is the default setting for IPv6.  Similar to a subnet mask in IPv4, it tells the system to divide the network into 64 subnetworks.  Lease durations are also configured in the modem settings, so it would depend on if that setting has been changed or not.  


I would suggest adding what you are trying to accomplish to your post in order to get input from your Forum peers.  


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Re: IPv6 at home, prefix length and lease duration

In your explanation, please lilst the make & model of the modem and your router.  Also discuss why you are not able to use a traditional IPv4 addressing scheme.  Keep in mind that with Spectrum internet service, you get only a single IPv4 public address.  The IPv6 is contained within your home LAN.

Re: IPv6 at home, prefix length and lease duration

Hitron E31N2V1 modem with Docsis 3.1.

My internet connection is 200/10.


When I request an IPv6 address I can only request a /64. I would like to know if this is correct. Most ISPs offer at least a /60 or a /56 for their customers.


@James_M unfortunately a /64 is not what is recommended per RFC 6177 https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6177 


@karlbeckman not true, you're prefectly able to request an IPv6 address.


I am trying out IPv6 for of learning IPv6.  


For that I need to know the longeavity of the prefix, as I need to hardcode this in many configurations.