IPv6 Settings for router

I've searched just about everywhere I can think to find the correct settings for my router/firewall to get an IPv6 address. A few years ago I was getting one but now I can't seem to pull one using any settings. Is spectrum handing out DHCP6, SLAAC, 6rd or 6to4 Tunnels? Looking around at the forums it looks like others have the same questions but I don't see any answers.

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Re: IPv6 Settings for router

Doesn't matter if you have a legacy or new Spectrum residential service account, your external (public) IP address will still be IPv4.  This is true even if for some reason you have configured your home LAN as IPv6.  The Spectrum DNS which is located at and 62 is dual stack and will convert  external IPv6 sites.


Re: IPv6 Settings for router

We've only recently hit the halfway mark in IPv6 adoption in the US:

Gonna be a bit longer before we see it in "full force". Until then, it will be the dual-stack approach currently in use.

Re: IPv6 Settings for router

On my TP-Link router, I have set:


Enable IPv6

WAN Connection type: DHCPv6

Get IPV6 Prefix delegation

Get IPV6 DNS Server automatically

IPV6 Address Assign Type: SLAAC