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IPv6 PD verses AutoConfiguration

I am receiving a /56 PD/Route from TWC and a /64 for autoconfiguration.

This sounds really nice.  Until I attempt to assign an IP address that is outside the /64 but within the /56 route.

I get a "Source address failed ingress/egress policy" ICMPv6 failure.

The RA from TWC is clearing broadcasting a /56 route.


Is TWC/Spectrum blocking but still offering a /56 PD?

Or is this breakage?



Re: IPv6 PD verses AutoConfiguration

If it's a TWC leased device, Call TWC, lol...  Good luck getting transferred to tier 3 to get a correct answer for your configuration and zip code.Robot Sad

 There are unresolved issues with IPv6, my last recollection was that only /64 was supported.

 If it's a COAM unit, good luck, use whatever works, twc will blame it on the device you purchased.Woman Sad

 Post your zip code.

some areas have really poor IPv6  ping time/ DNS resolution time and simply time out.

Are all devices on your lan Ipv6 or are some IPv4? the latter is an issue as well.