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IPV6 - Cincinnati Ohio

I was told IPV6 was available in Cincinnati, Ohio (my market) (Whatever that means) and was told which modem to ask for at the TWC store.


I get the modem...hook up my router...


Now I am trying to figure out what the IPV6 Service Type should be defined as on my router.


I had a 3rd level technician tell me that IPV6 is not an internet standard and I would be lucky to get a webpage to load using


He also told me that IPV6 won't make a speed anything


Well I'm not trying to get'm trying to use multiple devices in a single household.


so does anyone know what the IPV6 Service Type I should choose on my router for Time Warner Cable in Cincinnati??  (The 3rd level tech told me it should be plug and play)



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Re: IPV6 - Cincinnati Ohio

I just spoke to a MANAGER of a 3rd Level tech and he agreed that IPv6 does not benefit xbox live as far as multiple xbox consoles on the same network...


I guess I IPV6 is just a waste of time since TIme Warner Cable says so?


Re: IPV6 - Cincinnati Ohio

How is IPv6 going to make multiple devices run better on your network? 


Re: IPV6 - Cincinnati Ohio

IPv6 just came up because they were running out globally of IPv4 addresses.  In general you would be getting a external IPv6 IP address but your router is still making all the internal IPs IPV4 since locally in your home that is more then enough IP addresses so it really should make no difference.