Horrid Technical support

I an having trouble with IPv6 Prefix delegation. 


Know one appears to understand or even care to under stand. I have been repeatedly told that the INTERNET service i have is for entertainment only.

What does that mean?

I pay my cable bill with the INTERNET and i do not find that entertaining should I stop?

I was told why do i need IPv6 when IPv4 still works.

Well I find learning new things entertaining and I wanted to get a couple of my servers up on rout-able IPv6 address.

Oh yes terms of service says cant run servers, my servers are my thermostat and my lighting controls. I want to turn things off when i forget.

I have been told that IPv6 is just for business customers. Really?


I have found a work a round to get 5 of my networks IPv6 address but would like to get them all.

So the problem i am having with delegation is if I hint for a 64 I get a 64 (Good), if i hint 56 I get 64 (Disappointing) and if i hint 60 i get a 56 (Bad for me as messes up software.).

All I want is to hint for a 60 and get a 60 or hint 56 and get 56.


I would like a tenical answer to my technical question because i do not believe the answers of we don't support IPv6 unless you are a business.


Modem SB6190 Software 9.1.93N

Router EdgeRouter Lite Firmware v1.9.1


Re: Horrid Technical support

Please use the IPv6 forum for IPv6 issues.

There are 2 users that check in and are helpfull, no one from twc/spectrum however.

IPv6  was not fully supported by TWC.


But Woman LOL...

You have devices, not SERVERS, and when you told Spectrum servers, they are not allowed on residential service and business service is required

maybe why there is confusion.

Also, spetcrum has dropped support for intelligent home, for what that's worth.


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Re: Horrid Technical support

We HAVE NOT stopped supporting our Intellignet Home product. This is not correct in any way.


If you are having difficulty with  your connection we would be happy to help. 

Please feel free to contact us directly with your account information at Forums_Help


You can read more about terms of service here: Terms Of Service


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Re: Horrid Technical support

How can you say we would be happy to help if none of your techs understand what we're talking about. Also I have been looking for settings to set up my router and have found nothing in the Spectrum website. If you are telling us you are more than happy to help, what is the Spectrum or TWC dns address, what is the IPv6 service type, and what is the prefix length?Simple questions. I called and no one knows the answers for these.