Activating IPV6 Specifics

I have had a Netgear Nighthawk router for a while now and only recently learned that Spectrum/TWC (STWC) support this next gen protocol. My searches for configuring IPV6 STWC have yielded limited results. For instance, what are the STWC DNS addresses I am supposed to use?  If anyone knows of and will share a resource that describes activating this internet protocol per STWC specs, I would be greatly appreciative.

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There are no IPv6 DNS servers from Spectrum, looks like there will be none for the next few years, all the DNS queries are done using the old IPv4. No one from Spectrum comes and help here.
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The following web page contains info on Spectrum's claim that, "We have successfully enabled IPv6 on our foundation infrastructure delivering IPv6 connectivity to its "headends." But as far as the availability of IPV6 servers, I haven't found anything yet.

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I am looking for any current information or resource (web page, FAQ, guidelines etc) regarding activating IPV6, supported modems, and any stats related to performance. Thank you in advance. Umrk

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That Spectrum announced support for IPV6 with no guidelines, recommended settings, instructions, or any corresponding support is astounding - but I am not surprised. So, after my OP two weeks ago failed to generate any replies from Spectrum support, I researched IPV6, experimented with various settings, and succeeded in implementing this new protocol.  I am now able to use the full capacity of my router, speed up my browsers as well as optimize Xbox One, all by adding IPV6 and IPV6 DNS servers.


About my equipment:

Windows 7 x64

Arris SB 6170*

Netgear Nighthawk R7900

Xbox One


Utilities used to identify best/fastest IPV6 and IPV4 DNS servers:


Google IPV6 Test


To add IPV6 connectivity, make certain you have the time and experience with updating your adapter’s settings in Windows (or your OS) and your router’s settings. This is not too difficult and resources exist that provide instructions on doing so. Also, make sure to back up your router’s config, including your current DNS servers.  I don’t have the time to provide detailed step by step instructions, but if you are interested, message me and I will send you a detailed outline.


In short, my overall performance, including X-Box One, have improved significantly. However, I have only been running my new IPV6 config for less than 36 hours. I will follow up with an update once I have had some time to observe how all my devices perform.



*The Arris Surfboard 6170, which I bought about six months ago, initially performed really well. However, after experiencing severe latency issues, I learned that Arris, Netgear, and other companies producing cable modems used a flawed chipset that affects internet connectivity. In fact, several law firms are gearing up to file a class action lawsuit. So, if you are in the market for a cable modem, make sure to avoid any modem that uses the Puma 6 chipset. I for one will be returning my modem in the next few days (fortunately, I got it at Costco)..


For more information, google SB 6170 latency, or see the following:

Arris Class Action Says Surfboard Cable Modems are Defective