ubee DVW32CB as secondary wifi?

Hi all, new to this so please excuse some naive questions.


I had a TWC triple play bundle installed about 2 weeks ago.  I brought my own modem ( Arris SB6183) and router (TP-Link Archer C50) to the party.  I finally have a chance to look at the install and I see they've used a ubee DVW32CB for the voice portion of my bundle.  But, I also note that the DVW is a wifi cable modem.  Can I utilze those aspects of the DVW to create/relocate/strengthen by existing wifi reach?  Or create a secondary wifi network next to my TP-Link?)  The reach of my wifi signal would be greatly extended if I could either hook up my TP-Link to it, or have it broadcasting separately.


I did a quick try and see that I can't connect my laptop directly to the DVW via ether.  It is on a splitter between main secondary cable and Samsung tv box.  (The white cable coming from the wall is attached to a splitter... one to DVW and one to tv box.)  When I try to hit the default IP for the ubee DVW, it is also the same default for the Arris, so I end up logging in there.


Sorry for the jumbled question... hopefully it makes sense!

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Re: ubee DVW32CB as secondary wifi?

As you are using your own modem (SB6183) for the Internet, that would be provisioned for the data portion of the service.  The Ubee modem would only be provisioned for the voice service and would have the data features disabled.


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Re: ubee DVW32CB as secondary wifi?

the only way it can be used if you pay TWC for a second modem and tier of internet service and also for wireless on it.  Probably $70-100 a month...