Can you use any router?


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First you need a modem, or a device that has both, modem and router. If you have a modem or use the one they provide, yes, any router will work.


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This link gives route recommendations (I actually use the negear x10 expensive yes, but my oh my it’s so fast and works well with my docsis 3.1 modem MB8600 by Motorola) the link is here:


Mind you my router I got a nice discount on Amazon.com but read the entire article because it will explain everything about routers! What you should and not look for in a route!!! Good luck and enjoy Smiley Happy

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Yes, but there is one thing you need to be mindful of: what type of modem you are using. With a standalone modem, it is pretty straightforward for hookups--but it gets a bit more involved with a combo unit.

If it has a bank of 4 or so network ports on the back of it, you have a combination modem/router. This will need to have some bridging options changed by Spectrum (as well as on your account) to make it function as a standalone modem with no wifi management (your personal router will take over all the roles previously handled by the combo unit). They can walk you through the details for how to wire it up as well while they are making these changes for you.