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I have bundled service and your typical Spectrum modem/router combination and decent internet performance on the first floor of my house.  Unfortunately my media room is in the basement. Wi-Fi in the basement is not great and Airplay won't work for my Apple TV.  I have

been looking at mesh Wi-Fi systems like Netgear Orbi and Linksys Velop as a solution. I was wondering if anyne has experience with these systems? And how diffiuclt is it to disable the router portion of the Spectrum device so it is just acting as a cable modem?  All of the mesh systems require that I use their router.   Thanks.


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You need to stick the combo in bridged mode and turn off both bands wireless radios.

 But, since you have to run ethernet anyway, you will get better results abns stability running ethernet to all the smart TV's and fixed computers rather than messing with wireless.



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I have not set up a mesh, but thinking about it. What I have done is similiar and might answer your question.  I set it up before meshes came existed. I broadcast across two stories and into a separate, detached garage. I never used the Wi-Fi router in the provided cable modem, and disabled it.  I have a separate Wi-Fi router and a handul of range extenders. I connected the Wi-Fi router to an ethernet port on the modem/router and then connected the extenders to my own Wi-Fi router.  


It's easy to login to your modem/router to do disable the Wi-Fi portion. Hopefully, you have the the login/password from when it was set up. You should be able to get to it by putting its IP address ( in a web browser. This will bring up a web interface that you can navigate around to find what you need. Of course, you can also to a web search for a manual for your modem/router if you don't already have it.


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I'd install a real router with external not internal antennas in the central point of the house as well as ethernet to smart TV's, either directly or thru Moca or powerline adapters

Cast type smart TV's don't work well if at all on straight wireless connections. Any of thew stick adapters that plug into usb/hdmi are also behind the sets and have poor range.



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You can turn off the wireless on our device. I would suggest phoning in to make sure that you are not being charged for wireless. We would want to mark the account for Wireless Opt Out so that the system does not turn that back on and to make sure you are not being charged.




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Thanks for the replies. I will foward with the mesh network. It loooks likethe Obi is the best choice since it doesnot degrade speed.