Wireless printer won't quite connect.

Hey all,


Just bought a new HP 6978 All in One printer.  In trying to connect it to my wireless network, the computer (Mac running OSX 10.10.5) will see it's there, connect for a bit, then drop it a few minutes later.  We had the same problem with our previous printer and thought that since that one was old, it was just acting wonky.  We really didn't stat having issues until we switched over to TW for our internet.


Any ideas?  I've installed, re-installed, uninstalled, lather, rinse, repeat more  than a few times.  I'm just not sure where to fo from here.


We are on an Arris TG1672G, if that helps at all.



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Re: Wireless printer won't quite connect.

set the routers DHCP start to and then set the printer for a STATIC IP of


If that is unstable try and use an ethernet cable connection

Wireless is BASICLY USELESS in any dense housing.


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Re: Wireless printer won't quite connect.

The user's HP printer has USB2, Ethernet, and WiFi connectivity, but the built-in WPS is a real bear to get working. I had a similar issue with an older HP econo inkjet all-in-one priinter. You have to force the printer's IP address as MsRaye suggests or use a wired connection.