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Wireless Router is not getting Internet Connection

just signed up for 100/10 package with spectrum. 



I have a Media Access tc8715dfb

1 port goes to a switch that has 2 printers and my desktop

1 port goes to family room and connects to a wireless router , ps4 and xbox.


My desktop has no issues connecting to the internet.

But my wireless router - Netgear R7800 is another story. I could not get it to connect to the Internet.


I tried to connect to the Admin console for the cable modem, but could never connect.

ip address im getting on my desktop is at 70.121.8.X


Any clue. Tried to contact Tech Support.  Kept getting " please contact your wireless manufacturer"


Thanks for any help.


Re: Wireless Router is not getting Internet Connection

I have been having similar issues with wireless, but also with streaming. Seems that internet has slowed substantially over thepast few days.


Re: Wireless Router is not getting Internet Connection

You need to turn it into a stupid Access point since the 8715 is doing all routing.

Also be sure to set the dhcp start in the 8715 to


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Re: Wireless Router is not getting Internet Connection

how do i login to 8715? i tried to reset the modem, still getting the 70.121.x.x address.


Spectrum Employee

Re: Wireless Router is not getting Internet Connection

Alright... So it may be advisable to first, go to Spectrum and request a non-wireless Modem. Request specifically an SB6183. These are non-wifi capable devices without a router built in.


Your issue is going to stem from what sounds like a bridged modem thats givng problems and a router that can't see the bridged device. Technicolors do not bridge well, and give many issues in this regard, and replacement is the only fix most of the time.


You, as the customer, cannot bridge the device yourself. It's the only router that doesn't allow that and its because that particular model is very quirky and the developers removed the options from the standard admin menu.


If you are a Legacy TWC customer, you may want to purchase your own modem, as it will save you the $8/$10 per month rental fee depending on what market you live in.

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