Wireless Printer Affectin Internet Connection to Other Devices

Hi! I am a special ed teacher and purchased an HP Envy Photo 6255 with Instant Ink to use at home. When it is turned on, it affexts the other devices in the house, even  our iPhones. The connection will drop, pick up, drop, etc.  My husband works from home , soI have to leave the printer turned off. I contacted HP support and they said I needed to contact Spectrum to change some settings on the modem.  I thought I would ask here first . TIA!

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Re: Wireless Printer Affectin Internet Connection to Other Devices

They (HP) will need to give you more detailed instructions on what needs to be changed, just as this forum would offer if we knew what they were talking about.  And I wonder how their help desk knows what your settings are right now that need to be altered?

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Re: Wireless Printer Affectin Internet Connection to Other Devices

When I had an appartment in a high-rise I had a neighbor with a broken HP printer causing HORRIBLE interference issues on the 2.4GHz band WiFi. It made Netflix and Hulu buffer all the time on the Samsung smart TV (which could only use 2.4GHz)
Eventually I convinced him to power off / unplug the printer when not in use.

I had done research and found FCC class-action litigation for HP violations in manufacturing of their WiFi NICs used in a few of their printer models. Founder this out later on.. They settled out of court with a fine, but I'm not suprised anymore to see HP and WiFi interference issues used in the same sentence.

Might want to deep-dive research that model HP and see if it can be classified as a manufacturing defect, in which case you might get a full or partial cost replacement printer.
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