WiFi Range Extender?

The wireless Linksys router is positioned in the living room of the main house which is located about near the center so the signal is pretty good anywhere you're at.


I have a guest house in the backyard but the electronic devices cannot pick up the wifi signal. I have a laptop back here which is about 50 feet away from the wireless router. Will a wifi range extender help in this situation? I want to get good internet connection and speed as I do in the main house but not sure if a wifi range extender can accomplish this.


Re: WiFi Range Extender?

It will do better than nothing, but that's a long way from the router with lots of potential interference sources in between. 


Is running an ethernet cable or coax an option? You can run ethernet or create a MoCA network using coax that you can bury in a conduit like PVC. 

Proven Sharer

Re: WiFi Range Extender?

If you have power running to the guest house and it’s on the same electrical service panel as the main home, you can try power line Ethernet adapters and a second wireless router set in access point mode.