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I  have the TWX modem and a separate WIFI.  Netgear UBee, i have used for one year.  Please excuse my ignorance on this subject.  Anyway after a recent internet connection failure where i had to reboot everything, my Netgear WIFI setting show "weak security"  and i had a bogus charge thru paypal that same nite this started.  i dont know if the charge was because of the weak securoty or if it was because my clueless daughter sold an old laptop i gave her without wiping it clean, but that has nothing to do with my question.  just when i think of that i have a moment of rage.  anyway.  Why would my wireless Netgear modem suddenly say weak security.   i read to change the "key?" to WP2 or WES or something .. not sure how to do that.. I guess another problem is i dont remember password to the admin on the Netgear and cant for the life of me figure out how to change or find that password. i know default is password, but that doesnt work so i guess i changed when i set it up.  

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Netgear products usually have the individual factory password on a sticker on the back or bottom panel of the housing, also on a tag in the manual. 

Researchers recently discovered, and Netgear has now fixed, a huge leak in data password security used by almost every WiFi device.  Your router is alerting you to download the patch from the Netgear web site.  Netgear also is suggesting that you switch to WPA2 for password encryption, rather than the older WEP method which is very weak.


Re: WIFI modem

If the default password has been changed and you don't remember it you may need to do a factory reset of the router. There should be a small pinhole button on the bottom or back for this. As mentioned, use WPA2 and download any updates that are available.