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Upgrade to 400mbps expectations?

Hello, I scheduled to set up new internet service at a new apartment at the end of July and choose the available 400x20 ultra plan for 73 and some change a month. I am currently on 200mbps and using spectrums ubee dvw32c1. I’m upgrading because I game a lot, and my wife and I have a lot of devices hooked up on WiFi at once. Talking to the rep when setting up, he said that they will be providing a modem and a router because they found out a combo does not do well on 400+. He did assure me there would be no extra modem or router charge on my bill. 


Some questions...


what modem & router will they probably supply? I don’t see any equipment they provide that’s rated over 300 except for the technicolor tc4400 for gig.


Will the modem automatically be bridged or will I need to ask for that?


Will their modem & router be good enough for me? Or in your experiences? 


If you do suggest getting a customer owned modem and/or router, what do you recommend?


How reliable is the advertised speed of 400 on your experience?


Anything I should look out for when the tech sets everything up and/ or after?






Re: Upgrade to 400mbps expectations?

The rep was right. Combo units are generally not recommended, especially if you want to customize your network in any way, which you probably need to since you are a gamer.


I'm pretty sure there is no extra wifi fee if you are on Ultra or Gig.


They will provide you with a modem capable of the tier you are subscribed to. The only concern you may have since you are a gamer is that it may have the Puma6 chipset that can increase latency.


I have 400/20 myself using an Arris SB6190 (which uses the Puma6) and experience no issues whatsoever. Most any problem you'd have with 400 would also show in any other tier since problems are usually caused by damaged coax or failing amps.


If they give you a separate router the modem should be set up in bridge mode if it happens to be a combo unit. If you get your own equipment get a router with gigabit ethernet ports and as many big ugly antenna you can find for the price you want to pay. A 3x3 MIMO router like an AC1900 or AC3200. 


My personal setup is an Arris SB6190 connected to an Apple Time Capsule that feeds a TiVo, Apple TV, 3 Roku devices, blu-ray player, 3 computers, several portable devices, Nest thermostat, printer, and an Airport Express used as a wired access point to connect to a TiVo Mini.

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Re: Upgrade to 400mbps expectations?

The Arris SB6190 and  Netgear CM600 modems are both approved for customer purchase and installation on connections up to 400 Mbps: 


Subject to local network quality limitations where you are located, Spectrum can deliver a reliable 400 Mbps transport connection.  For gaming, the IXP interchange locations tend to perform better at slower speeds like 100 Mbps (lower ping delays and fewer dropped packets). 


Generally we suggest a customer should purchase the same model of separate modem that Spectrum supplies to users. 

If you purchase your own router with WiFi, be sure it includes Gigabit ethernet and the WiFi is tri-band with AC1900 mode or faster, and multi-device MIMO using several external (big & ugly) antennas. 


You should be able to measure peak data speeds of up to 465 Mbps down and 24.5 up using the Spectrum Speedtest server site. 



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Re: Upgrade to 400mbps expectations?

I like Ultra a lot. Makes a huge difference when downloading games from Steam and PSN. I thought about getting gig Internet but I'm overprovisioned to around 450. I'm not missing much.