Unable to Airprint consistently with Ubee DDW36C

Hi. I have a brother mfcj475dw wireless printer. I was able to airprint fine from all my devices with my previous Asus wireless router.  When I got my TWC/Ubee DDW36C router, I could airprint with my brother for a few hours then later on or the following day, when I try airprinting, I get "No airprint printers found". When I turn my brother printer off then on, it works OK but stops again hours later. It reacts the same with my iPhone, iPad, Mac.

I followed all of Ms Raye's suggestions: set my dhcp start of, set a static ip on my printer, fixed the channel. I also have the firmware to my printer up to date and found suggestions online to enable ipv6 on my printer, so did it but the
issue continues. Just to make sure my printer was still OK, I tested my printer back with my previous asus wireless router for several days and airprinting from my brother printer has been flawless, so it tells me my printer hardware is ok. Anyone else have this issue? Any
other suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Re: Unable to Airprint consistently with Ubee DDW36C

Connect using an ethernet cable. See If problem goes away,

And verify the dhcp lease is set to a day, It's possible your devices are having an issue


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Re: Unable to Airprint consistently with Ubee DDW36C

Quickest way to fix this is to have TWC set the TWC/Ubee DDW36C router in bridging mode with WiFi turned off.  Then connect your Asus router to LAN Port 1 on the Ubee and use the Asus just as you did before.