Twc app not recognizing phone as being in my home network

The home I just purchased has home internet services included in the HOA fees through an outside company (greenfield communications), which is not optional. Therefore, I didn't have a need for twc internet service. I do have phone and cable service through twc.

So when I downloaded the twc app on my phone, it did not recognize me as being in my home network so I was only able to get limited channels.

I called twc and spoke with a representative and after about an hour of being transferred from one person to the next, I was told I would need a twc app only modem in order for my app to recognize my outside internet service as my home network. I made the work order however when the technician arrived he said there was not such a thing and would not be able to complete the work order.

So, my questions are;
1) Is there such a thing as a twc app only modem or similar device that would allow me to use my outside internet and recognize it as my home network so that I can watch all my channels on the twc app?

2) Can I have the twc app installed on my tablet or if I got a Roku, would I be able to watch all my channels without having twc internet service?

3) I was reading several posts and read something about an advanced gateway possibly being a solution?

Thanks any help would be much appreciated

Re: Twc app not recognizing phone as being in my home network

You will need to have a wireless gateway installed in your home in order to access the TWC applications. We can set up an appointment for you to have this installation completed. There is no cost to you. Please contact us via the following LINK with your account or phone number and we would be happy to get this set up for you. 



Melissa O.

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Re: Twc app not recognizing phone as being in my home network

@Melissa_O, Thank you, i appreciate you quick response to this matter. i followed the link and wrote to the forum to try to get an appointment setup. 


However, i also called twc customer service to let them know of the information you provided. i told them i need a wireless gateway and they told me i need to have TWC internet service in order to receive a wireless gateway. This is getting very confusing because everyone on the phone says i NEED to have TWC internet Service in order to view all the channels on my phone or tablet. If i were to pay for twc internet service, i wouldn't need a gateway. The last person i spoke to said I MUST have TWC Internet in order for it recognize me as being on my home network because that is how the twc app is setup and only fully works with twc internet. Just to clarify what i previously asked...


Can i get my TWC App on my phone or tablet to recognize my outside internet provider as my home network WITHOUT having TWC Internet Service???

Spectrum Employee

Re: Twc app not recognizing phone as being in my home network

Yes, all you need is a TWC modem, it will have internet on it but it will only allow your devices to access the TWC TV app, that's it. If you call in again to get it installed, try telling the rep you need a modem for the TWC TV app only, if they don't understand and keep saying you have to have internet on it, request for supervisor because that's not necessary.