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Technicolor TCM8717T

This is the device I was given by Spectrum for my 300 meg internet service?
Is this device even good enough to run over 100 meg on an ethernet port?
I am having issues with my streaming devices and just wondering if this device is even good enough for the job and if not what should I be using. 
We have several streaming devices. 
and several computers

if not, then what about the
Motorola surfboard extreme Model SBG6580?
I have one on hand

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Re: Technicolor TCM8717T

That modem TC81717T is rated on our network for up to 300



Technicolor/Thompson/RCA TC8717T

Approved for Internet plans with download speeds up to 300 Mbps


Re: Technicolor TCM8717T

6580 is worst, it doesn't do IPv6 either...  For that matter, since I think you've got TWC phone, you need to turn IPv6 off anyway...


Your issue is probably needing a real external router and cat 5 cabling.

Post your signal level and error log pages to see if there's other issues.


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Re: Technicolor TCM8717T

I had issues with this modem. Range wasn’t that great and I experienced buffering. I bought my own modem and Wi-Fi router with visible antennas, kept the 8717 as dumb router for phone. Internet has never been better. If it were me, I would invest in your own modem and router. Better you have control, with quality equipment. There’s a reason the experienced folks like MsRaye, Karl and others aren’t too fond of the all-in-one modems. They’re not very good.

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Re: Technicolor TCM8717T

The TC8717T can send 300 Mbps over the WiFi radio on both 2.4 and 5 GHz, and has Gigabit wired port connections over CAT-5e cable.  If you have several streaming devices, each can see up to 300 Mbps.  The total used by all internet connections over both wired and wireless cannot exceed 300 Mbps, even though the Gigabit Ethernet ports are rated for higher wired  speed.   300 is the fastest that your cable connection can go.