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Technicolor Modem TC8715D resetting itself to factory settings.

Today makes the second time in about a month that my modem has reset itself overnight and reverted back to factory settings. Anyone else having this issue or know why it is doing this? Even if it is updating the firmware it should not reset to factory default afterwards or at least no other modem I have ever owned has done that.


Re: Technicolor Modem TC8715D resetting itself to factory settings.

yup.. why all in ones are junk...

whenever twc does a reset, they change all settings you made

port forwards and QOS settings are lost.


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Re: Technicolor Modem TC8715D resetting itself to factory settings.

There are only two things that make it factory reset.


1. One is a control in the software, which as far as I know is not accessible on rental/leased modems for customer access.  (a customer would have to go into the control panel software and select the restore factory defaults option, if it's even available on the customer's view)


I would definitely call this one in to report it.  If there's an issue with the software control, we need to know about it.  Please have one of our CSRs (chat or phone support agent) carefully check to make sure the service codes are up-to-date, no grandfathered codes.  I've seen coding errors cause this to happen by causing the wifi to be completely disabled, and then re-enabled.


2.  The other one is using the pinhole factory reset button.  Pressing and holding down that button (I forget on that model if it's 10 seconds or 30 seconds) until the device's indicator lights confirm, then you can release the button and it will go back to factory defaults.  It's not something that can really accidentally be done, as you'd need something like a paperclip or a pin to even press the button down (it's inside a pin-sized hole) on the back of the modem where the wires plug in.   We cannot control human behavior, and one real-world example I've seen a few times was a teenager who was grounded from the internet being clever & sneaky enough to use the pinhole to factory reset the modem so that they could get back online.


@MsRaye wrote:

whenever twc does a reset, they change all settings you made

 No... when you reset the modem it's the same as power cycling it.  Flashed settings are not lost.


When one changes the billing codes and send hits that command the modem to disable WiFi, that is when settings would be wiped clean (and on some models it doesn't always work).


If there's a software bug causing the TC8715D to clear out settings, even if it's only on one particular hub, that's an issue we need to create an IT support ticket for.  In other words, call it in, get ticket filled out, and send it off.  Three independent examples are needed at minimum for a ticket, so the more people who report it the better it is for the software engineers to find a bug.


@hrss7gc  you could actually send any of the forum moderators your account information and they could get it sent onward, might even be better than talking to some random overseas agent over the phone.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Technicolor Modem TC8715D resetting itself to factory settings.

This is a TWC reset not a user reset.. 2 different things, TWC sends a full  provision which sets everything to some default (and probably not factory) parameters. that goes to BOTH the modem and the router.

 If a user tells the modem to do a factory reset to default, the modem does that first and then get's a new TWC provisioning file. The router might get some TWC specific commands like "you're not paying for wireless" so the enable wireless stuff is all grayed out.

Obviously QOS, dhcp and port forwarding is gone as well.


 Theoreticly, you could have computer malware telling the modem/ router to do a factory reset. just like the supposed 6121-6141-6183 non-issue. 


if you don't like the cable co meddelling with router settings, buy a seperate router and kill it's wan side administration as well as change the default logins