Static Lease Limited to 24? Ubee Router

Ubee DVW32CB. Have 24 Static Leases (printers, computers, cell phones, cameras, etc.). I need (actually "want") to add more. It only allows 24 with no way I can see to add #25, etc. Is there a way to add additional static leases beyond 24? Thanks!


Re: Static Lease Limited to 24? Ubee Router

Not exactly a perfect solution, but you could limit the DHCP pool, and manually set the "always on" devices to addresses outside that pool.

For example, limit DHCP to addresses up to .128, then manually set static addresses in the .129 to .255 space.

In all honesty though, I would be concerned about the Ubee' s performance under load. If you are actively using a lot of devices at once, may need a more robust router in general.

Re: Static Lease Limited to 24? Ubee Router

Thanks for the reply. If i understand you, you are saying set the Static IP address on the device instead of using the router? May be possible with some of them, would have to check; not all of my devices allow me to set the IP address. Obviously easier to set them all with the router. But good idea that I'll look into further.


I do pay extra for extreme internet (110/10). Not really actively using all the devices, but if you add some smart home devices to what has become normal for a household (phones, tablets, computers, tvs, Alex/Google Home, etc) it does add up!! Do you have a suggestion as to what I would need to look for in router/modem, as in the specifications? This is the model that Spectrum leases to me, the Ubee.  


Appreciate your input!

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Re: Static Lease Limited to 24? Ubee Router

The condition you describe is normal programming for routers provided by Spectrum.  Almost nobody needs every device on their home LAN to have its own static address.  Devices that leave your router's WiFi coverage area, including smartphones, don't require a static IP.  Some won't even work if you change them to static.

The ones that DO require a static IP are your WiFi printers and your video cameras and servers.  Otherwise, the printer units have to be restarted every time they internally time out (for HP it's usually after 30 minutes-check the user manual on your CD/DVD).  Video cameras and servers, especially if on their own subnet, must be static if you plan to view the video at a remote location outside your LAN boundary. 

Last, remember that you may have 100 Mbps download, but you only have 10 Mbps in the upstream direction.  Your uplink performance will be severely limited when sourcing video to an external viewing device.