Static IP Address Not Behaving



I am a Spectrum Business Class customer. We have purchased a static IPv4 address. We were given a modem and a router as part of our network configuration.


I have attempted to use the static address we were assigned to set up our in-office development workstation server. The server is behind the router, using a reserved LAN IP address. I port forwarded the inbound port to the server. It does not work.



It only works when I set the modem to use a "bridged" connection (as opposed to Routed With NAT) and plug the workstation into the modem. It is assigned a WAN address, but it's not static. In this scenario, the modem is only accessible through the static address we were assigned. Which is obviously not safe.


This is absolutely ludicrous and defeats the entire purpose of purchasing business class, or a static address.

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Re: Static IP Address Not Behaving



We do not have access to Business Class accounts in this department.  As well, your forums peers would not be able to provide the direct assistance needed to resolve this issue.   Please contact Business Class support directly for assistance.  1-877-230-3783.