Should this look like this?

So I have been seeing some very strange internet history recently and I'm not sure if it's someone in my house or a neighbor connecting to my wifi. I change my password often  but I have seen all the apps out there to hack wifi passwords.  Honestly, I think it may be the misses but she alway claims to have no knowledge about computers. I just want to know if this is normal? I nserted a link and a photo, not sure if the photo will show up.Modem Listmodem list


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no good on anything you linked or posted...

What problem are you having?

unknown logins on the wireless side of the lan?



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Sorry, I'm not a forum person. The problem I have is that my account has 7 different modems with 7 different mac addresses and I only have one wireless router. Could this be all of the different devices on my account or is there something else at play such as logins from different servers or networks?

Modem 1:

Mac Address: 981dfa431f2e

Modem 2:

Mac Address: 001dcfbd1442

Modem 3:

Mac Address: 1c1448b71e9c

Modem 4:

Mac Address: 945330f641f1

Modem 5:

Mac Address: 945330f641f2

Modem 6:

Mac Address: 981dfa431f32

Modem 7:

Mac Address: 945330f641f3


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You are correct in thinking that each number could apply to a separate device on your TWC account.  In general you pay a monthly fee for each box connected toTWC  Those can include DTAs for analog-only TV sets, DTV set-top converters, DVRs, internet modems, Cablecard DTV sets, or EMTA telephone modems; basically anything that connects to TWC over coaxial cable.  If you don't currently have seven connected devices in your home, I suggest that you get the list updated at your earliest convenience. 

First, write down the MAC adddress of each device actually on line today at your account service address.  It is a 12 digit alpha-numeric string of digits 0 through 9 and letters A thru F, and usually printed on a label on the rear or bottom panel of the data modem.  Make sure each of them is on the list. 

Next call TWC's local contact number or visit yor local TWC store.  Ask the TWC employee to remove all of the wrong modem MAC addresses from your file.  Be sure to tell them if at any time a set-top converter, DVR, or modem owned by TWC was replaced during a service call to fix a problem. 

The home service tech might have failed to record return of the previous device, or that detail might not have been sent to the billing department.  Either way, at some time in the future TWC-->Spectrum may come after you for their boxes (yes, all seven of them!) or payment of the undepreciated capital equipment costs.  Obviously if you do still have any TWC-owned 'dead' units, return them and get a written receipt from the TWC store attendant or home service tech who picks them up.



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Karl, If the OP is on the "My Services page" -internet equipment, those are modems they've had with TWC over the past 5 years. Only one should have a green dot and that's the active one. Here's what the mac's indicate: one Samsung a couple Motorola/Arris and whatever the last ones brand name is.. Ubee?



Company Samsung Electronics Co.,LtdAddress Suwon Gyeonggi-Do 443742

98:1D:FA:00:00:00 - 98:1D:FA:FF:FF:FF


Company ARRIS Group, Inc.Address Suwanee GA 30024

00:1D:CF:00:00:00 - 00:1D:CF:FF:FF:FF



ARRIS Group, Inc.


Suwanee GA 30024


1C:14:48:00:00:00 - 1C:14:48:FF:FF:FF


 And um whoever this is...: Possibly Cisco per wikipedia: They make the cheapie Cisco DTA's do you have 2 04 3 dta's? Look at their macs,


 94:53:30 Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co.,Ltd.


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Good catch on the colored dot being the current online device.   And I didn't think about parsing the MAC for the mfgr ID string.