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Security DVR System

I own my DVR System having problems remotely viewing my cameras do I have to sign up for the intelligence service in order to view my system?

Re: Security DVR System

No, it has nothing to do with TWC's services.

 You have the router improperly set up and must set several ports to forward to the DVR which must be set to a static ip

You need to use a seperate modem and router, TWC's combo's are junk, unstable as to settings and advanced options are greyed out.

Set router DHCP start to 192.168.x.100

set DVR on a static ip of 192.168.x.99  also change port 80 to 380 to reduce hacking

 In the router, set up port forwarding rules for 192.168.x.99

port 380 needs TCP,UDP....... uPnp and DMZ do not work, are unreliable

 probably  ports 3000,3001 and others as wellper the dvr manual

 Then go to twc's speed test, write down your public IP.

 to get to the dvr it will be that ip :380 for a desktop and probably :3000 or 300 1 for a 4G device,

you need to read the manual. 

 While TWC res customers aren't allowed a static IP, the Dynamic IP is stable with only different routers or server replacement changing that public IP

 Or you can rent space for a "static iP" viewable site and rout the dvr to that site for a monthly fee.