Routers not getting full bandwidth

Hey friends, so I have TWC's 300mbps service, with one of their Phone+Modem+Router units, but I had the router functions turned off (So pretty much modem only when it comes to internet). As a router I have a WDR3600 from TP-Link with DD-WRT installed, and its not giving more than 100MBPS over hardwire connection, with all wireless and excess service turned off/not in use. The router is definitely Gigabit enable on all ports including WAN.


When i plug my computer into the modem, I recieve full 300/20 down/up, so I've eliminated my connection as the issue, leaving my router to be the culprit. 


Does anyone have any ideas on how to figure out if my router is taking in the full 300 and just not passing ti to clients, or is it my router just not playing nice with the modem? (I do believe I have the Arris Modem, with the domed top)


Re: Routers not getting full bandwidth

replace the cable with a cat 6

Make sure that qos is turned off in the router.

 Turn off any IPv6