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I have a Netgear C7000 Model Router.  It seemed to work fine until about 2 months ago, after that I had some serious issues with connections dropping, slow speedss, losing all connectiivty and having to turn the unit on and off.


I have fixed every issue that I can find, and now things are MUCH better, but I am still having 2 issue. The first is that from time to time I cannot access certain web sites. I will access some sites fine but when I try to go to the connection is very very slow or it fails altogther. I will have the same exprience on a different browser, and the same experience on a different device. Eventually the issue will resolve itself, althought at times it takes me rebooting the router/modem.


The second issue is that when I review the logs I see lots of DoS attacks, seeming coming from random web sites. This was alarming. Netgear forums seemed to indicate that this is an error with the software - that the router reports ACKs and other things as DoS attacks, when they are not. This is infuriating, if true. 


So I am ready to get a new router/modem and see if that works any better. Before doing so I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for a model? I am on a 300 MB per second plan, and I have perused the list of approved modems. Maybe an Arias or a Motorola?


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Post the modem's signal levels and event log. You likely have signal problems causing your issues, not a bad modem. 


If the signals are out of whack, a new modem will do nothing to fix the underlying problem.

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In addition to the above from @reds91185 ,  abcdefg's website is not hosted by Spectrum at all.  Their server is located beyond the edge of Spectrum's transport network on a third-party site over a third-party carrier connection.  Many of these 3rd party IXP connections have data transfer issues of their own. We can often determine the right persons to blame after seeing your modem's error messages and having you run a few other test programs.

Again, changing your Spectrum internet modem will have zero effect on the outside IXP or hosting site, but it will deflate your bank balance. 

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Sorry for the delay. 

I was using abcdefg only as an example. I probably picked the wrong example, should have used "anysite" or "xyz".

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I have pasted a screen capture of data from Netspot to show signal strength and noise and so on.



Below I have also posted a screen shot of my log. 

It shows these supposed DoS attacks. 

I hope these pictures are large enough so you can see all of the information.

Thank you for your offer of assistance.

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It looks like the second picture did not come through.