RAC2V1K Firmware update removed VPN Server?

I have a RAC2V1K router supplied by Spectrum.  I had to replace it just last week because the old one died on me.


Last night it must have gone through a firmware update because the interface is different.  I also needed to manually reboot it because all my port forwarding stopped working.  Luckily that fixed it.


However, I also noticed the VPN app on my phone still couldn't connect.  I had OpenVPN configured on the router itself.  However, under the new firmware I cannot find it anywhere, was it removed?


Since the router doesn't support net loopback this was my only alternative to see my security cameras.  I've looked through all the options and don't see it anymore.


Yes, I know I can setup a server on one of my computers, but this was a much simpler, always on option.

Proven Sharer

Re: RAC2V1K Firmware update removed VPN Server?

You are not the only person to comment that software pushed out last Saturday night changed some features or performance of the RAK2V1K router.  I have not seen any comments posted on the forum indicating the basis for the change. 


Just as speculation, recently router firmware updates have often involved patching security flaws to keep your data out of other people's hands or computers.  The Open VPN app that you previously used may indeed have been disabled or removed by the router manufacturer or by Spectrum to improve network security.