Putting 6190 back in NAT mode?


I have Spectrum 300/300 and Arris 6190. By mistake I've gone into the Arris' settings (at and changed it into Bridge mode. Now nothing works and I can't access the address. I need to put it back in the NAT mode. How can I do that?

I tried going to but the Configuration page does not have the Reset to Factory Defaults option (unlike the manual TimeWarner provides for the 6190).  I also tried a hardware reset (inserting a pin and holding for 15 seconds). This doesn't help either. When the modem restarts, my computer (attached to the modem with a cable) gets an outside address, and is not accessible. Spectrum support is helpless, just going through the script.

What should I do?

Thanks a lot...

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Re: Putting 6190 back in NAT mode?

If the factory default, via the hard reset button, did not work, please contact our social media customer care group at either


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum


Please reference your thread here, we will be able to help you with the issue.


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Re: Putting 6190 back in NAT mode?

I have the SB6190 myself  and have had this problem once before. when I was tinkering around.  What worked for me was to unplug power and coax then plug it back in without coax and perform a hard reset. Once I was able to correct all the settings I screwed the coax back in (and probably did another power cycle).


The 6190 is not a combo unit and is the correct address for this modem.


HH! Re: Putting 6190 back in NAT mode?


 Your 6190 is only a modem it has NO NAT capability and is always in bridged mode, But what you've done is screwed up your router. What model is it?

 TWC will not "fix" anything in your router.

You need to go into it and reset it to factory default via the reset hole then set it to autodetect WAN settings for a start. Most resets are done by disconnecting the wan & lan cables and power.. Hold in reset button for 20 sreconds, then reapply power while holding in the reset for another 20 seconds, but read it's manual...

Once you have it reset,

Unpower it and the modem

Power up modem, wait for it to go out of test, reconnect ethernet to router wan

 Repower router.