Printer won't connect to network

Already created a huge post describing everything in depth, particularly how much trouble every TWC service, hardware, etc. and HP hardware provide me with more issue than I could possibly imagine so i will try to keep this concise.


HP ENVY 4500 won't connect to Technicolor TC8715D.


No competing IP's, WPS does not work, gives me an error, says the PW is incorrect when I try wireless (it is not), etc. etc.


I have tried conventional fixes and found no solutions


Please for the love of god just help me solve this problem ina  simple-ish manner.


Re: Printer won't connect to network

Connect with an ethernet cable first... see if that works.

You should set the printer on a static IP outside the DHCP range in the router. If DHCP start is at set the printer at



Re: Printer won't connect to network

It doesn't have an ethernet port.


None of the above solutions hav worked thus far. It simply gives me the same messages.


When I go in to the printer to manually set the IP, it allows to set DHCP, etc. Do I need to place something specifically in those values or is setting the static IP going to acquire those details automatically?


Either way, I haven't made any progress yet.


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Let's start at square one.  First, forget trying to use WPS.  Huge security issues with WPS, so do not use it. 

Step 1:   Connect one of your computers (doesn't matter which one) using an ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports on the Technicolor gateway. 

Step 2:  Open a browser and type in "" (without the quotes) in the address bar and hit return.   Assuming you know the password and user name to type in (look at your manual, which is online at this link:  


or just use the password and username you previoiusly set up.   If you can't remember what it was and can't get into the GUI,  then find the reset button on the Technicolor and reset it to factory settings, and then proceed with Steps 1 and 2 again.   The idea is to get into the GUI admin menu so you can properly configure your wireless 2.4ghz and 5ghz radios, give them SSID's and set security encryption that works and will be compatible with your computers, phones and printer. 


Step 3:  Using the GUI admin menu,  find the settings to rename the 2.4 and 5ghz SSID's, giving them whatever names you want to give them (make sure they are different).  You could use "Jesse24Ghz" and Jesse5Ghz"  or any other names you like , but DO NOT use spaces between letters nor any characters other than numbers and letters for each SSID's name, as many devices have trouble with spaces or odd characters and that can cause connection issues.


Step 4:   Give each SSID a password. I prefer to use the same password for both radios, since it's my network and I want to make connecting easy for me and my family, but difficult enough for others that they will at least have to try to get in.    I find that  8 numbers and letters (and you can also use punctuation marks as well) usually suffice (Remember, you're not trying to secure Fort Knox, we just want to get you set up so that you can connect your devices wirelessly, so keep it simple at this point).


Step 5:  Make sure you set the encryption for each SSID to WPA2-PSK (AES).  Do NOT use any other type of encryption.


Step 6:  Make sure that your Technicolor is set so that DHCP is on,  make sure it's not in "bridge" mode, and make sure your firewall is enabled. 


Step 7: save the configuration and exit the GUI


Step 8:   In one of your other computers:  Now follow these additional steps on the computer you've connected to the Technicolor via Ethernet:


A.  Go to the start menu-->run--> and type in "CMD" to get a DOS prompt command window.

B.   At the prompt type : "ipconfig /renew" (this will clear your IP address and the computer will reconnect to the Technicolor and should get a new IP address within the "" range. 

C.  If you're using your Windows 7 computer for this, go to the small Network Icon in your taskbar and find the wireless connection you tried to use that previously didn't allow you to connect wirelessly (assuming that connection was stored in your adapter settings at all).  If you find it, right click on it and select "forget this connection".   In Windows 10, it's a bit different:  Go to Settings, "Network & Internet", click on that, and at the bottom of the text links you will find one that says "Network reset"....if you see it, click on it. 

D.   Reboot your computer. 

E.   Once rebooted, disconnect from the LAN port (unplug the ethernet cable),  make sure your wireless adapter is turned on and try to connect to the 2.4ghz SSID that you just reconfigured (remember to type in the password you  created EXACTLY).   It should connect, assuming you also haven't monkeyed around with the Network Adapter settings.  If you have, you want to go into Device Manager, and uninstall (not delete or disable, but uninstall) the network adapter.    Reboot your computer and Windows will find the network adapter again and reinstall it, this time with default settings.).    You should then be good to go and you ought to be able to at least connect to the 2.4ghz radio.


Assuming your computer adapters are dual adapters (i.e., 2.4 b/g/n and 5ghz a/n/ac) you ought to be able to connect to both SSID's (depending on other variables in your environment, i.e., assuming no other interference and assuming you are close enough to the 5ghz radio to get a solid connection).  


For the printer,  same drill. You said it's an HP printer (but didn't tell us the model).  All HP printers only have 2.4ghz radios, so that is the SSID that you will connect to if you're trying to connect the printer wirelessly (and BTW,  I don't believe HP ever made any printer that doesn't have an ethernet port in worst, they all have USB ports too).   In any event, you will want to clear out all the settings that you may have input into your printer previously that may be mucking things up and preventing you from connecting wirelessly.   Depending on the model of HP printer, there are different ways to restore them to factory settings, but the most common way is to plug the printer in to a power source and hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds.   If that doesn't work,  look online and find the manual or Google your model and the phrase "restore factory settings".    

Once you've done that,  simply power on the printer, go into settings and allow the printer to find the 2.4ghz SSID, type in the password, and you should be good to go. 


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I have had exactly that problem with my own HP ENVY 4500. WPS

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Same problem: HP Envy 5535 will not connect to wifi on Technicolor router. It sees the network but says the password is wrong. First I'm going to a Time Warner cable store to see if they have a router that works, and if that fails I switch to Verizon FIOS.


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If you are getting a password error it's on the HP side. The printer starts with a space believe it or not before you begin typing. Go to the menu and before you type the password hit the backspace and then start typing... took a while to find the problem but it works.