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I have a new Spectrum (Sagemcom) F@st 5280 router, connected to an Arris TM1602 cable modem.  I can access the router setup to change SSIDs, passwords, etc.  How do I enter port forwarding information?  This is the first router I have seen that does not have a straightforward table menu for defining port forwarding.  For example, the older Ubee modem/router was easy to configure.  I found the User Manual for the Spectrum 5280, but it does not have the level of detail needed.  Sagemcom website says that there is a Router Setup manual, but I cannot find one anywhere.


Has anyone configured port forwarding on this router?  I would appreciate some help or a pointer to technical documentation.  Thanks.


Re: Port Forwarding

I apologize for the confusion. I personally have the same router and it did take some to find where the information was. You can go here https://portforward.com/sagemcom/fast-5260/ for a walk through on where to find the settings. 


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Re: Port Forwarding

This is what I needed.  Thanks.