Orbi....has anyone tried to hook one of these up.

Just trying to get better coverage in my home. I have the Apple air extreame and some apple extenders but it sucks because they each have their own signal out put. When I use the same ethernet cable or even the one provided, shows no internet connection but I plug my old apple one in, shows working. Any thoughts???

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Re: Orbi....has anyone tried to hook one of these up.

I do wish that folks would eventually learn that you cannot keep buying and adding layer upon layer of extenders to a WiFi system.  Generally it's one router per connection and one WiFi radio per location, nothing more.  To go beyond that you have to really know what you are doing and how each of the boxes work and interact.  

Buy one good high-range multi-band router with 802.11AC WiFi and several big ugly antennas.   Locate it in the middle of a realistic work area, away from thick walls and large metal surfaces..  Don't expect to cover the entire Trump Tower or White House unless you've also got all of his money to spend. 

The other option is to connect up to three WiFi boxes (NOT extenders) to wired LAN ports on the router.  Set each to use the same SSID but  operate on different channels in both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.  On 2.4 your best choices are 1, 6, and 11.  On 5 GHz use a WiFi search app on your cell phone to find out what channels your neighbors use in your building and pick something different. 


Re: Orbi....has anyone tried to hook one of these up.

There was a Netgear Master-Slave 2 AP voting setup that uses a specific model netgear AP.

 The ORBI has replaced that combo @ $375.00

 I believe Ruckus makes a multiple AP system.

 Both the above use a single channel and SSID

And aren't cheap.