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No Internet Access except with "5G" connection

We have a TC8715D with both N/AC (5Ghz) and B/G/N (2.4Ghz).


Both the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz sides show connected, but anything that attempts to connect to the 2.4Ghz side can't get an IP address. 


In addition to this the modem refuses to allow me to enable MoCA, which I apparently need to be able to use Netflix on my Hopper. I toggle it to Enable but Save is disabled.


I've already reset the wifi settings back to default with no luck. 


I'm seriously tempted to go get a standard modem and revert back to using my WNDR3300 with dd-wrt.

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Re: No Internet Access except with "5G" connection

TWC typically uses QAM, not MoCA. That wouldn't be the reason for the WiFi issues anyways.


From what you wrote, it could be an issue with too much interference on the 2.4 GHz band or the 2.4 GHz antenna is having issues.

some free WiFi analysis tools:


This is a leased modem from TWC right?  You could just swap it out at your local TWC store
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Can you please post the error logs from
(or maybe or

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Re: No Internet Access except with "5G" connection

Sorry, the MOCA is only used by TWC for their Wholehouse dvr's and is not useable on any twc owned modem

It also requires POE/ Moca filter installation before the first splitter to reflect the signal within your house only.

Does your tv work with a n ethernet cable on it?


Are you paying for 30/5 or faster service? If not, TWC charges extra for wireless.

 Next possible issue is that your devices need to connect to a private home wireless network, not public wifi.

Do they see the ssid? if not the 2.4 gHz radio is off in the modem.






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Re: No Internet Access except with "5G" connection

I ended up resetting the modem (not just the wireless) and it started working. Not exactly sure what the problem was as I'd changed zero settings on the modem to begin with. 


Odd, but whatever. At least it works now. Smiley Happy


Re: No Internet Access except with "5G" connection

You are the most informed person I have run across. I have spent so much time with supprt.
I only have basic wireless network experience. You are speaking a "date-ease " language far above me.
I was just told to get a new router embedded modem? They said to ask for an EM TA My Internet connection is slow at best and had technical people out multiple times.
I have two channels...2.4 and 5g. I have never been able to use the 5G. I have an I phone six, iPad air Pro (new last year). No one can tell me what device works on the 5G network. Can you please explain in laymans terms. ? Any you hire out? Smiley Happy
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Re: No Internet Access except with "5G" connection

Wireless "B" and "G" only use the 2.4GHz band, "N" uses both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, "AC" only uses 5GHz.  Wireless "A" (long obsolete) also used 5GHz.


Rule of Thumb:  If your device was made in 2010 or later, it *probably* supports wireless "N" or "AC" (some outfits that were building "on the cheap" stuck with wireless "G" longer than they should have done).  The wireless "AC" specification was only finalized at the end of 2013, so you need a relatively recent device to have "AC".


Now, since "N" supports both bands, some device manufacturers have "N" wireless chips/antennas that only work at 2.4GHz (again, cheap stuff, not especially common).  Also, even though "AC" is the latest, some manufacturers are still shipping "N" devices because they have better range.  "AC" is faster, but the higher speed results in the lower range.


Yes, it's a confusing subject.