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New Askey Wave 2 router connection issues

I have the new Askey Wave 2 wireless router installed today. All of my various devices have connected to it without issue except for 1. My Carrier Infinity a/c system will not connect for some reason. It connected just fine to my old router. Is there a setting on the Wave 2 that I need to change in order for my a/c unit to connect?
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Re: New Askey Wave 2 router connection issues

There's a good chance that your Carrier Infinity control system was programmed to use the old router's MAC address or a static IP address assignment.  First get out your instruction manual for the Carrier controller's WiFi interface.  Following their instruction manual, perform a full hard reset on the Carrier unit, then try to relink it to your new WiFi.  If this is not successful and you need more help, you will need to contact Carrier for technical support of their equipment, rather than Spectrum.