Netgear CM1000V2 : User Experiences ?

This is an authorized modem for 400Mbps service with Spectrum.

It's my understanding that Spectrum will not push out firmware upgrades to modems that are customer owned. But  Netgear won't provide any firmware upgrades to those customers that own this modem and say get your firmware from your ISP. 

Classic Catch-22. 

Anybody currently have this specific model and can tell me what the latest Bios Firmware version is? 

Is this customer owned or provided by Spectrum?


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Re: Netgear CM1000V2 : User Experiences ?

That is incorrect. 


We will push out the latest approved (on our network) firmware to all modems, customer owned or company owned. This is how we protect our network and insure all devices are compatible. 






Re: Netgear CM1000V2 : User Experiences ?

Whoever told you that Spectrum (or any other ISP) won't push firmware updates to customer owned modems is mistaken.


There is, however, something very important to note... your ISP may not necessarily push out the latest firmware that the manufacturer has released. There is much testing done to ensure the firmware updates are 1) required and 2) have no negative impact on the network.  If the update is very minor the ISP may never push it out or delay it in order to fucus its resources on those that are more impactful. 


Re: Netgear CM1000V2 : User Experiences ?

This is good to know. There's a lot of misinformation floating around the internet, so its good to get this clarified.