Must I buy both modem and wifi rounter?

I need to save some money, so I want to buy all-in-one modem.


I bought a SBG6580 modem, setup wifi network and activated modem via But after that, the modem doesn't show wifi led anymore. I tried to reset modem to factory setting and the wifi light turn on again but it turn off after I connected to coaxial cable. I think it was broken and returned it to amazon.


I am going to buy the same TG1672 modem that I'm leasing from TWC. But in some descriptions, they said "TIME WARNER/BRIGHTHOUSE MAY RESTRICT WIRELESS ACCESS". So, I don't know I should buy only an all-in-one modem or I have to buy a modem and more wifi router?


Re: Must I buy both modem and wifi rounter?

Uh, call TWC, since you own it, they need to quit  turning the wireless off on you.

 6580 is all in one no phone, correct?


 A 1672 has phone... TWC won't turn on phone on a COAM modem.

 If you're paying for phone, the modem is now free, you buy a splitter and 2 rg6 cables to hook up your modem.

 Hopefully levels are ok.

sometimes an aditional 3.5 dB loss will kill both modems



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Re: Must I buy both modem and wifi rounter?

If I may, a consideration for buying a separate modem and router is that you have the option of upgrading either when you want. It's definitely a personal choice, and I fully understand the desire to keep your costs down as much as possible.


As MsRaye said, call TWC and tell them to turn WiFi back on, and leave it alone, since it's your modem/router.




Re: Must I buy both modem and wifi rounter?

Thank you for your reply.

So if I buy a new TG1672 modem, do I need to call TWC to open wifi again?


Re: Must I buy both modem and wifi rounter?

A 1672 has phone which twc won't activate.

do you have twc phone service now? If so you keep their modem, add a splitter and then your modem you only need a 1670 as it doesn't have emta phone!

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Hopefully levels can handle the aplitter loss.


Or wait for charter/spectrum to drop the modem lease fees.