Motorola SB6141 still a viable home cable modem?

I have Time Warner's Ultimate 300 Extreme 300 internet package and wondering if I need to upgrade? This is my personally owned cable modem and wondering if I'm leaving anything on the table continuing to use it?


Any thoughts?

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Re: Motorola SB6141 still a viable home cable modem?

Spectrum has evaluated the Motorola/Arris SB6141 modem's performance and will not provision it for download speeds above 100 Mbps.  It also has severe design limitations which Spectrum failed to consider when programming the CMTS to assign channel slots for internet service over their coaxial cable system. 


It's time to upgrade your modem to a newer device that works at the speed tier you are paying for.   Check the list of approved cable modems that can be used for TWC/Spectrum Internet service on the Approved Customer Device List page.  When you read through the specs, look for a unit with 24 downstream channels and a full-band receiver.  


If you decide to not change your equipment you should insist on a credit on your monthly cable bill for the difference between the 300/20 and 100/10 speed packages.  The sales folks are supposed to verify that a customer-owned modem is approved at the new speed tier before upgrading your service. 


Re: Motorola SB6141 still a viable home cable modem?

Spectrum pricing for internet is generally a better deal unless you're getting bundle discounts or promos.  Spectrum internet includes a modem in the fee and adds on a $5 wifi fee unless you opt out of it (apparently there are some tiers that do not add the wifi fee though).  The SB6141 is servicable but is on  it's way out. Having only 8 downstream channels, it cannot take advantage of the 16, 24, or 32 downstream channels available in most areas now.