Modem size?

I'm building a shelf for a cable modem and router that will be installed next week.


What is the physical size (width x depth x height) of modems currently being provided in the St. Louis area?

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Re: Modem size?



Modem sizes vary, and the modem you use will also depend on the internet speed.  I've included a link to approved modems, which includes links to the manual and some have dimension information.  


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Re: Modem size?

Modems MUST NOT be built into anything as like cable boxes, they need ventilation.

Largest modems are the Ubees and they'r 12x2x8 and need 2" of ventilation.

 Also, wireless cannot be built into anything as the wiress at 2.4 and 5.8 gHz will be attenuated.

For best results, antennas must be external to any shelves/ boxes, racks, etc.