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Latest firmware version for Netgear C6250

What is the latest firmware version for a Netgear C6250 gateway? Netgear sent me an email saying a firmware update was most likely needed but these are pushed from the ISP for cable devices
I'm seeing some attempted DOS attacks (Teardrop and Ping of Death) in my logs, and wonder if a new firmware version needs to be pushed to my device.
My current version is : V1.01.21
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Re: Latest firmware version for Netgear C6250

Spectrum will push later firmware version provided by the gateway manufacturer when it fixes a device problem they are experiencing on their network, after they have verified the new code causes no harm to the cable network proper, nor to other subscribers' equipment.  

EDIT:  If you buy your own router with WiFi and connect to Spectrum's modem, you DO get firmware upgrade support from Netgear.  Only customer-purchased modem or combo-gateway firmware is distributed by Spectrum.