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I need help setting up my Arris 1670 modem.

I login on to the site to change Wi-Fi password.  And things.  But I looked around how to get fastest and most secure reliable connection.  And found out about changing the DNS to Google's.  I'm  wondering if I did the right thing and and changed it right.   And before changing any settings had kept dropping connection at least 1 or 2 times every hour or couple.  NoW it's dropping more.  


Can someone please point me to a site that would show me pics when ND explain to me what to change to get fastest and most secure and reliable connection possible. And also  modem is literally within 16 feet of my room.  

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Re: I need help setting up my Arris 1670 modem.

Ok, so we're gonna start with a few things about how the internet works. First, your DNS should not be changed for normal use, Ever. Whoever told you that or was "faster" than anything provided by your ISP then they were wrong. Sorry, but that's just not what to do. Your normal DNS is a Domain Name Server, this is the service that takes an IP address like and translates it to www.google.com. If you use an off-network DNS, this now takes your internet traffic, and says, all your addresses must be checked against... THAT... DNS and now you wait, sometimes seconds for the replies. Don't change your DNS unless it's like... the backup DNS server. Always leave your primary alone unless told explicitly to do so, which a Spectrum Technician or Employee should never do. Next, this has NOTHING to do with your connection dropping, and if you already had issues is most likely just exacerbating the issue further. Regardless of distance, we do need some other information to proceed further because you may have underlying or other issues that need to be addressed. To get started: Go to and login to the modem. Find your modem diagnostics page, and paste that here. We're most concerned with your internet signal levels, SNR levels and other data regarding your network connection to the servers. Also, if you have any logs, post them as well as it can tell any dropouts or other issues you may be having. From there, we can see what the underlying issue is. You may also want to factory default your device to restore the DNS settings and all factory default settings to the router before posting this to ensure we're getting the best files and data possible. This can be achieved by either holding the reset pin in the back of the modem for 60+ seconds, or by going into the utilities page of the router and pressing the Restore to Factory default button. We shall await, a reply.

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Re: I need help setting up my Arris 1670 modem.

Change it back to the factory settings and set the DHCP lease to a day, not an hour.


For better security buy a real routerand use a dumb bridged modem.

And for ultimate security, turn off all wireless and use ethernet.

All wireless can be interfered with as well as hacked.


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Re: I need help setting up my Arris 1670 modem.

Just to save you some time looking them up, the DNS server IP addresses to use forTWC and  Spectrum are & 62 - 61 is the primary and 62 is the alternate, used while 61 is off line receiving updates or for service.