How to configure 5G wireless network

I am using a TWC-provided Ubee combo modem & router. Devices in our house show two wifi networks available: WIFI****** and WIFI******-5G. I have used the Web interface to configure the first network with a password. I now need to configure the 5G network with a password. How do I do this? Is there a separate IP address to access it?
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When both the 2.4ghz and 5G networks are initially set up, they will both have the same password.  You can also follow this link to change your WIFI settings. Please keep in mind that any device using the 5G network will need to be 5G compatible (802.11 A/C). 



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Re: How to configure 5G wireless network

I just spent 20 minutes on your help line. They could not tell me what is a 5G compatible device could you please tell me what it is I'm tired of searching

Re: How to configure 5G wireless network

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TWC can provide only information recommending that you consult the owner's manual of any device you are attempting to connect to the internet. The manufacturer of the device should advise as to which connection will provide the optimal performance. Ultimately, this is a case by case basis and there is not a universal response. 

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Re: How to configure 5G wireless network

To begin, many smartphones and PC peripherals equipped with WiFi can operate on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi channels. Quite a few WiFi-capable printers also work in both bands. 2.4 WiFi has been around for a long time and in most areas all 11 channels are already in use by your neighbors.
As for being tired after 20 minutes of searching, start by learning to use Google to retrieve data sheets for your favorite network devices.