Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

For all those trying to help, thank you.

Here is a link to another question I posted about my network, maybe some of this information can help in determining what is going on with my network now.

Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

You kind of lost me on most of that, but I can answer your extender question, it is supposed to be a wireless access point for my garage because my primary router's wifi signal is too weak out there and I have a garage door opener that uses wifi to allow me to open and close it through an app.

What is confusing me is why was it working perfectly fine before, but as soon as I powered down the network and restarted it, only the shop computer is giving me issues. All other devices are connected to the network via Ethernet cables and they work fine. The shop computer is also wired via cable and it is giving me fits.

Again, if you can dumb down your explanations, I would really appreciate it. I have no clue what all the acronyms mean, well I do know what LAN and WAN mean, but not NAT or the others.
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Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

It would have saved everyone a lot of time if you had told us about your earlier postings in  this forum in the beginning.  We are not mind readers!



1] Call TWC and tell them to set  your TWC combo modem+router+wIfI box to bridging mode and turn off both WiFi bands.  This will turn off both internal WiFi radios and and disables the router, LAN switch, and its DHCP functions.

2]  Connect a CAT5 cable between Port #1 of the TWC combo and the WAN port of your router.

3]  Set your external router to get all of its setup parameters from the network connection.

4]  Set the DHCP in your router to start its DHCP addressing at

5]  Set all devices accessing your LAN to use DHCP for IP addressing. 

6}  If you have any devices that can only use a static address, start at and work your way down from there.  You cannot assign any static addresses that are within the router's DHCP range!!



Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

THe WAP you have must be widely spaced from any other wireless channel you have. I also think it should not be set for NAT mode but set for bridging which your main router does all the DHCP assignments from, which is the NAT  device for your entire system.

 NAT= Network Address Translator, It takes the WAN public IP and assigns ports on the individual device IP's for them to have connectivity to the real internet.

 Also, in your router, TURN OFF "AP ISOLATION" That will allow wireless devices to communicate with each other as well as to wired ones.

As for that extender, I'm not sure why it has an IP address, it should be a bridged device, simply creating another port like what's on the switch and routers lan side.

 if so, should probably be set as a static IP BELOW the DHCP start, I'd use for it,

 Your server at, printer at .97 etc. That way they are out of the dhcp range and you always know where theyy are, there's no DHCP lease time issue either.


 Then maybe we can talk about wireless encryption types and that something, especially if not bridged or repeater, may be incompatable.



Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

My apologies!

However, I'm guessing that steps 1 through 3 have been performed already because my router has been plugged into the modem in this manner since TWC first installed my cable and internet.

As to step 4, I assume I do that somewhere in the router's settings on its web page. But would I still have wifi through the router and extender, like I have now?

Now, what I don't understand is why must the static addresses be outside the range?

Now for the funny part, I finally got the shop computer to connect to a network that apparently coming from the Netgear router, even though it wasn't labeled the same as the one my server computer connects to or recognizes. Here's the BUT, it shows an internet connection, but nothing connects to the Internet and Chrome won't even activate, and I still can't access the Netis to make changes there.

So, any ideas?

Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

You never set static IP's inside the DHCP range.

 Static and Dynamic are 2 seperate lookup tables and can't overlap.

 set the statics below the dynamic addressing

Some use the MAC as well, don't ever clone mac addy's either.


Never use 192.168.x.2 to x.10 for devices.

Look in the compuiters network settings and see what it's IP addy is, that should tell you what router assigned it.  If you are seeing 2 seperate routers, I doubt devices can communicate between each other if on different routers.

  Should also show the channel , encryption type and SSID's in the wireless adapter settings.

 I think you've got 2 rather than a single one


Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

Is it possible the extender somehow reset to factory because I know I had it programed to act as an access point before all this went nuts. Could that be causing the confusion?

By the way, is there a way to attach or link to pictures, I have a diagram of my system but don't know how to show it here.
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Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

Factory default for the WF2415 is as a full router with DHCP  and 2.4 GHz WiFi enabled.   Default IPv4  for router management = 192.168.1 1 which was already assigned to the other router, this is an IP conflict issue.   You need to switch the Netis back into bridging mode and obtain its IP address from the DHCP.  

Looks like the Netis is IPv4 only, 2.4 GHz band only; their quick setup guide has no mention of IPv6 addressing.

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Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

Have you tested an alternate computer in that location? 

I noticed you said that Chrome wont activate... do you mean open? 

Do you have an alternate browser you can open? 

If you open a command prompt are you getting an IP address? Are you able to ping out? 


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Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

So, I got some time Saturday to play with things a bit more, Friday was booked solid as the hot water tank went out and that needed my attention. It don't rain but it pours.


Asked a friend over who knows more about computers than I do, which isn't saying much. Within 15 minutes of him sitting down, everything was up and running. Don't know exactly what he did, but apparently I turned something off that I wasn't supposed to and still don't know what it was or how I did it. He tried to explain it, but as I said before, I'm tech geek deficient. So, something about my http, internet spooler, and something else were all deactivated/turned off/whatever you want to call it.


So, the shop computer recognizes the network, connects to the internet through Chrome, and even the Netis is back to working as it should. I followed your guy's advice and set the Netgear (primary) to send addresses between .100 and .200, set the shop computer to .70, the server to .60,  and the Netis to .90.  I have to reset the PS4 and the other part-time devices, and left the wireless devices to DHCP mode because they don't access the network all the time.


So, once again, thank you for all the help, it is appreciated.