Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

I have one PC on my home network that is driving me crazy. I did a hard reboot or maybe it's called a power cycle, not sure. Basically, I shut down and off everything on the network from the modem to the last item on the hard wired network. I then restarted the modem, waited for it to fully reboot. Next, I restarted my primary router and waited for it to reboot. I restarted my main PC that I use as a server/storage device, but also as a house PC. It starts fine and recognizes and logs on to my home network. Then I repower my switch in my basement and restart my shop PC. This switch also feed a PS4 and an additional wifi AP in my garage, both recognize and log onto the network just fine.

My shop PC is the one I'm having issues with, it restarts as it should, but when it searches for the home network, it can't find it. Instead, it detects an unidentified network and has no internet connection.

I have disabled and enabled it several times. I have manually entered the IP address and DNS information. I've even uninstalled it and restarted my PC. Nothing I have done changes the outcome, I continue to get the unidentified network.

How do I correct this and get back on my home network?

Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

Use ethernet rather than wireless.. Wifi is junk science never intended for long term connectivity, just for portable devices in coffee shops... It's extension into a home / business enviornment, especially apartments, has been a disaster.

both operationally and security wise.

 You need to turn off wps,

 turn off any guest wifi.

 St DHCP lease for a day not an hour.

 Make sure the NTS is on and set to the proper time zone.

  drives and printers must be static IP's

 Set dhcp start to , the gateway to and start static IP devices at on down, don't use 192.168.x.2- .10 they are an invalid user class for some.

Make sure you're onm a straight modem and not an all in one defaulting to NAT mode with a second router behind it.



Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

Sorry, but you completely lost me. I'm no tech geek, but I could swear I stated the problem PC was hard wired to the network. The wifi is for smartphones and tablets, not desktops.

As for the rest, my gateway is, the modem is from TWC, so I have no idea what type it is, but I route everything through a Netgear router. This splits to feed my home PC, my Netbook when connected, and my basement switch.

The switch feeds my shop PC, a PS4, and a wifi extender in my garage. The router, all computers, and the extender all use static IP addresses and DNS server designations.

Gateway is
Netgear router is
Home PC is
Shop PC is
PS4 is
The extender is
Subnet is
Primary DNS is
Secondary DNS is
Everything on the network works perfectly fine except the shop PC, no matter what I do it can't find or connect to the network.

This has happened before, but has eventually corrected itself after several cycles of disabling and enabling the PC's Ethernet connector/controller, but this time it just won't resolve itself. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled it, still nothing.

While I appreciate the response, I have no idea what most of it means, like I said, I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff. Me and technology do not get along. Any chance you could explain this in simple terms us tech idiots can understand? LOL.

Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

Sorry, that's all wrong.

It's why you're having issues with one device, and will with more.

The router is wrong. it can't work with a addy.

 if you're double NAT ing, it must be on and your devices on that router to .254 Again dhc[p and statics MUST NOT OVERLAP, and statics should be below the DHCP range.


 You have devices in the .2 to .10 range

 What's the WIFI extender doing? Extending wifi range to create a remote access point or is it actually a connection point for wired devices outside?

Is it cross band repeating or trying to repeat on the same channel?




Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

Sometimes network cards go  bad.  a quick fix or cheep way to check is go to or its like and get a USB wireless adaptor.  They are very inexpensive.  Put it in load software if needed and see if that works.  Also could get a new nic card.  Oh btw did you check the cable between the computer and the switch, change ports on the switch? any of these things can go bad, cables get squished etc.  


Well thats my 2cents good luck


Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

I think he's trying to do a NAT with the same addy on the wan and the lan side and in the x.x.x.2 to x.x.x.10 range withboth static and dynamic IP's in termixed...

Possibly 2 wireless ID's on the same channel and or with the same SSID's


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Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

My first thought is that you should not have powered off the shop network switch during your restarting sequence.   I'm thinking your shop computer has an address conflict between the network DHCP source and the range extender device connected to it.   The range extender is PROBABLY trying to act as a second  DHCP source and is handing out a 192.168.2 xxx address to the shop PC. 

Trying to build your own LAN addressing scheme is not trivial, especially when the LAN includes a range extender.  Unless you are an IP networking guru, you should only have ONE router and ONE source of DHCP on your home LAN. 

This is fairly easy to fix.  Set what you called the 'primary router' to get its settings from the network (modem) and use DHCP in the router for all devices on the LAN.  It is probably already doing that now.

Set all computing devices to get their IP addresses from the network DHCP source, which will be the 'primary router'.  No more static address programming for you!  If your router allows, set the DHCP to start at or above (50 is fairly common in business). 




Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

He's got both static and DHCP so there needs to be room for the statics... The best practices  are set up with the dhcp above the statics and yes, never use .0 to .10 for any user class devices. Apple devices are having issues with them as a known bug.

He may have only extended a single device via the IP addy assigned to the extender and that's why a device can't connect

The only available IP is already used up.


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Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

Yup, and it was probably a cell phone or tablet.  I 've never found a home that needed more than 30 static IPs reserved.  My former employer always started large site DHCP at 50. They had room for 200 users, multiple printers, dual UPS, file servers, and network device monitoring.  Oh, yeah, NEVER use 0 or 255, they are reserved for broadcast!


Re: Home network Ethernet issue after hard reboot

I tried changing the primary router, which is a Netgear WNR1000v3 to and when I did, everything went nuts. I completely lost my entire network and Internet connections. I had to do a factory reset on the Netgear and then restart my wifi.

I did a ipconfig /all on the shop computer and the extender was showing up on the list, but now it is not. Additionally, every time the shop computer connects to this unidentified network, it shows it as a public network that cannot be adjusted. I can change the name or delete it, but I can't change it to a home network.

I've also been trying to correct an issue with my extender, it is a Netis WF2414 and it's set to, but I can't get access to the page to make changes. My internet program, Google Chrome won't load, nor will Windows Internet Explorer. This is frustrating me to no end.