Home Network and Wifi expansion issues

I have been fighting for four days to establish a network and extend my wifi signal, but every time I think I get it figured out, somthing else goes wrong. I have the following items in my current network infrastructure:


TWC Cable Modem (unknown make & model)


Netgear WNR1000v3 (connected via WAN to modem)


A Home Server/Storage PC (Hodgepodge build connected directly to WNR1000)


An HP Mini 311-1037nr (Sometimes directly connected to WNR1000)


Netgear WF205 Unmanged Switch (Directly connected to WNR1000)


A Work Shop PC (Hodgepodge build connected to Switch)


PS4 (Connected to Switch)


Netis WF2414 (Connected to Switch, but used as a wireless access point)


In addition to these items, I also connect my smartphone (as do others who visit) to my wifi network.


That being said, here is my problem, I currently have the home network working as intended, the PCs are running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and the Mini is using the 32 bit version, they are all connected through the network and a Homegroup, this all seems to work as intended, no problems at the moment. The PS4 is also working fine at the moment as is a roommate's Droid Razor2 through wifi. However, the Netis AP seems to be having issues, it's not extending the wifi signal as it is intended to do so. I have a Ryobi garage door opener that is wifi capable, but the wifi signal from the WNR1000 is too weak to lock onto in my garage, so I installed the Netis in the garage to extend the signal, but, again, it doesn't seem to be working. 


I know the Netis is receiving a strong signal through the hardwire because I connected my Mini to the Netis and was able to connect to the home network, but when I try to connect my Droid Maxx2 to the wifi in the garage, it does not receive a strong enough signal, nor can I setup the GDO through its app via wifi. I have reviewed several sources online, including articles and videos on how to use a router as an access point, I followed all the instructions, configured both the WNR1000 and the Netis to use the same WPA2, etc., etc., etc. settings and established the proper IP addresses, DNS server info, and all that.


In fact, I had everything (except the Netis wifi) working just fine earlier today, but I had to do a reboot on my Droid Maxx2 and that's when things went south once again. The phone recognized and connected to the wifi, but without internet access. I cleared the wifi account for my home network from my phone and started over again, but again, wifi, but no internet.


So, long story short (too late, i know), how do I get the Netis to extend the wifi signal to the garage, and how do I reestablish my phone's wifi w/ internet?

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Re: Home Network and Wifi expansion issues

You may want to replace your Netis device with something else, simply because I've read that there is a backdoor password embedded in the router's firmware that someone can exploit, and it cannot be disabled...  If you are okay with this risk, then read on...


1.  Setup the new device as an access point.  Disable the new router's DHCP server.  Assign the new device a FIXED IP address on yout LAN, but outside your existing router's DHCP Pool.  i.e. - You have your LAN subnet setup to operate on   Your existing router's IP will be  Have the DHCP server give out addresses from, say to  Assign the AP an IP address of  You will need to set up the SSID and password / encryption for this AP.


2.  Make sure that, on your LAN (Router and AP), you are only using LAN ports on the AP, not the WAN port.  Obviously the cable model attaches to the WAN port on the exisitng router, but this is the ONLY WAN port that you will use.

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Re: Home Network and Wifi expansion issues

3.  You may also want to see if you can bring a device out to this new AP and see if its hard-wiring functions are working.  i.e. - Plug a laptop into an unused LAN port on the AP and see if it connects to the internet w/o using wireless.  This would eliminate the ethernet cable and the AP's switch, and inform you that the problem is with the AP's wireless settings.


Re: Home Network and Wifi expansion issues

Get rid of the weak signal internal ant wifi by turning it off and just use one quality Access point.

 There was a Master slave Netgear setup that used the same channel and did voting between the two, it would involve throwing out what you have now.



Re: Home Network and Wifi expansion issues

Thanks for all the input I would have responded earlier, but forgot where I posted this question, doh!


In the end, I did a complete resetting of everything one item at a time and discovered the problem was in the programming of the Netis. A minor tweaking of settings and everything began working just fine. I now have one hardwired network for all permanent computers and one wifi network for all portable devices or guest phones etc. Additionally, the garge door opener is working as intended, we can now open and close the door from our phones; although, I have yet to test the rangeof the app. I don't know if it's good from anywhere or just within range of the opener itself, something to look into.


Again, thanks for the assistance, it's appreciated for sure.