GIG Service Issues with ORBI Router

So I recently upgraded to the GIG service.  Kissed my $199 g'bye!lol


Anywho, now I'm having issues coupled with my ORBI router.


Setup -


Spectrum Cable Modem #E31T2V1 connected to a ORBI router.  Router has two of four ports conntected to an iMac and PS4.


Issues -


1) iMac does not recognize the ethernet cable connected.  This set up was the same before i upgraded to the GIG modem.  Worked flawlessly.  Oddly enough, the ethernet that's connected to the PS4 works fine.  I've tried to switch cables and iMac still does not recognize the cable.


2)  DirecTV that's connected to the satelite ORBI router does not get internet.  Checked ORBI settings and its has internet connectivity.


I've called Spectrum tech support and they said there's nothign they can do since I'm using an ORBI.  But as i mentioned before, this exact same set up worked with their prior cable modem.



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Re: GIG Service Issues with ORBI Router

If you told Spectrum that you were providing your own router they probably set their Gigabit gateway into BRIDGING mode.  That disables NAT, DHCP, and turns off the WiFi radios.  It also disables LAN ports 2  thru 4.  You must connect your router to LAN port 1. 


Re: GIG Service Issues with ORBI Router

Maybe a silly question...but did you reboot your satellite Orbi, iMac, and Directv receiver?

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Re: GIG Service Issues with ORBI Router

reds91185 makes a very good point.  It sounds like there's an underlying subnet/IP addressing issue.  Rebooting each network device, STARTING WITH THE MODEM, can often resolve or at least reduce those problems.  Also, whenever you change the router device connected to a modem, you MUST first reset the router to its factory defaults and then reboot BOTH the modem and router in sequence.