Does TWC cripple my leased modem?

Hi I just installed the modern from the store after signing up for new service. I noticed two things:
1.My modem is wifi-capable but I don't get any wifi hotspots.
2. For wired connections I can only have one working even though I have 4 ports.
This seems so odd to me since the modem otherwise works. Does TWC cripple the modem based on the plan (wifi/no wifi; single connection vs multiple)?

Re: Does TWC cripple my leased modem?

Uhhhh. do you know what a wifi hotspot is?

 Starbucks, Pizza hut, Dunkin donuts, Bob Evans... etc.   Here's where to find the TWC ones,  some are no longer in service and there's others not on the map.

Woman LOL



If it's a leased all in one combo, and you need to use it's router for multiple devices, why did you put it into bridged mode?  Or better yet, call TWC and have them do it, Woman LOL

NAT allows multiple prts and multiple wireless devices...




Re: Does TWC cripple my leased modem?

It appears that you own your own router/wifi and you are connecting it to a leased modem with router/wifi included.


call them and have the wifi  bridgedd(turned off  wifi  in the combo modem), then your wifi router should work all right.


You cant daisy chain routers, with software changed they can bridge or shut off the wifi hotspot in your leased modem with wifi included.