Disconnect unwanted devices remotely?

I gave a friend my spectrum login and password and he logged into it on his roku.  How do I log him out remotely?  I tried changing my password and then tested it on my roku tv and when I clicked Sign Out and clicked back into the app, it didn't ask for my username or password.  It let me right in.


Any help?

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Re: Disconnect unwanted devices remotely?

If you shared your username / password with your friend, shame on you...  It's a breach of the Terms of Service.


To that end, if he is trying to use the Spectrum App on his own Roku at his own place with your credentials, it won't work.  The device (in this case, the Roku) must be attached to the modem which is tied to the video service and the account associated with the username.  This is to prevent theft of service by sharing usernames / passwords and/or creating sub-accounts for your friends and family.


He still might be able to use any thrid party apps (like FX NOW, AMCtv, etc.) on his Roku, provided he already downloaded the app and logged in, until such time that the app requires re-authentication.  It takes time.  And I don't know how long that time period is.  Could be a week; could be a month.


Ask him for his Roku username and password, and delete all his Roku channels.  Then, he'd need to reinstall them and he'll no longer have access to services you've "given" to him.


You can't log him out of Spectrum apps on his Roku remotely.  Rokus don't work that way.

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Re: Disconnect unwanted devices remotely?



In addition, I would suggest creating a new user id and password for account security.  If you contact support directly, we can assist you with deleting the user name that was given out so you can create a new one.  


You can reach us at: