DHCP lease renewal for wired devices-Sagemcom 5260

I have a Sagemcom 5260 router that works well, but I'm having one issue.  As the subject line states, I'm having issues with the renewal of DHCP leases only for wired devices.  In my case, that would be my Apple TV, TV, and receiver.  Every week, on Sunday, all of the devices that are plugged into one of the router's ethernet ports loses the internet connection.  The only solution I have found is to reset the router by unplugging it.  


I have gone into the router's settings and tried to increase the amount of time for lease renewal, but the problem persists.  I have assigned each device their own IP address, but that did not work either.


If anyone else has any other suggestions it would be appreciated.  


Thanks in advance

Proven Sharer

Re: DHCP lease renewal for wired devices-Sagemcom 5260

Sounds like the Sagemcom's lease is not renewing properly, therefore everything downstream (wired AND wireless) is being forced off.   Fix the Sagemcom renewal issue first.

RECOMMENDED APPROACH:  Reset the Sagemcom router to its factory defaults by pressing the reset button whiler the router is powered up and connected to the  modem and hold the button in for at least 15 seconds. The defaults will tell then the router to pull its setup parameters (including lease renewal time of 24 hours) from the network modem.

When the router lights return to normal the router may be on a different IP address, probably will be 

NOTE :  If the router has a different IP address than before you will have to edit every network device that you previously assigned a static IP on a different LAN address.  While you are doing that, also change the router's DHCP starting address to end in 100, NOT 1!  We usually suggest putting your printer on .99 and any other home devices such as a video server, cameras, doorbell, thermostat, etc stepping down from there. 

If Spectrum provided the router along with your modem but they failed to include the user instruction manual,  they should be able to make those changes for you.