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Can I set up VPN on Askey RAC2V1K Wave 2 Router

So I now have the Askey RAC2V1K Wave 2 Router connected to the Technicolor E31T2V1 modem.

I see a VPN set up option under Security on the router page..........I have a NordVpn subscription, so would I be able to use it on this router?

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Re: Can I set up VPN on Askey RAC2V1K Wave 2 Router

You can do lots of things.  But be aware that using a VPN at your home to tunnel through the Spectrum recognized modem will render your Spectrum TV apps useless.


SpectrumTV apps to work require two-factor-authentication.  One is your username / password.  The second is that the request comes through the modem tied to your video account.  The VPN essentially bypasses the modem, and therefore the head-end thinks you are not at home.


Also, if you have Spectrum internet at two locations, but video at only one, you cannot use the TV apps at the home that doesn't have the video subscription, although you could use third-party (content provider) apps at that second location.