Boot EFI's CHANGED on my devices by hacked network!!

I have MacBook Pro, Aplle Airport Time Capsule Base station 2TB hard drive, iPad Air, Aplle TV, iPhone 6s, and Apple Watch to use with it. OK SO HERE IS WHERE IT STARTED COULD NOT USE AIRPLAY AND SEND SCREEN SHARE TO APPLE TV FROM MACBOOK? Then always ever since my network was installed at the Motel which is an extended stay motel basically one bedroom rental! They had free wi if called Hostess house wif 1,3,4,6, Lobby, TWC WiFi, Cable WiFi, And Passpoint. But Passpoint is other cable TWC ap's are only right near office very large motel. It was slow 1.8/mb download speed  LOL!! So I had $56 50meg installed to my room well when would check location of my devices on find iPhone or maps phone n iPad both have cell data drop right down on my room MY MACBOOK HAS NEVER SHOWED LOCATED AT THE LOCATION OF MY ROUTER ALWAYS BEEN OUT OF THE BLUE CIRCLE RANGE OF ERROR ACCEPTANCE! Its been a cross the street at the gas station and a neighbor after a month now of my devices hacked so bad that my device list on router showes unknown wireless device (WiFi))(1)(0) Primary, two different devices one known one unknown Eth-Switch Lan (2) both on that same Lan switch 2 one a robust player I unplugged it and just stayed populated no matter how many times refreshed it!!! TWC over the phone I let them st my network up I know well how to do it asked disable 2.4ghz and name 5ghz home (all this was done prior to this stuff that happened I am speaking about also ) so it's not working right still have a old dell pc has Windows 10 and I take Ethernet hardline plug in and it boots up and in the network settings the Ethernet line has been CONFIGURED NOT THE NAME I MEAN THE CONFIGURATION OF THE ADAPTER NAME EX. BROADCOM SAYS PUBLIC NETWORK NUMBER 7! So what could make my router keep the 2.4ghz light OFF BUT IN ADMIN SETTINGS YOU CLEARLY SEE ITS ON?  HOW DOES SOMEONE RECOMFIGURE THE ETHERNET ADAPTER TO SAY PUBLIC NETWORK NUMBER 7 which IS TO SHOW AS THE MOTELS HOSTESS HOUSE 7 NETWORK ONLY ONE MOTEL HAS DOES NOT HAVE WI FI IN NAME OWNER DOES NOT THINK HIS IT GUY EVER MADE A SEVEN EXSTENSION!!  BUT FROM WI FI I CAN FIND MY (HOME network 5ghz name) WITH MY iPadMacbook iPhone wirelessly.  THE 2.4ghz does not show as public number seven in the router it's just factory and says primary network disabled but if you go to the wireless page setting states wireless for 2.4 ghz active!!!  I KNOW FOR A FACT THEY HAVE MY 2.4ghz active even when light is of primary network says disabled this newest router has two different ways to see active wireless one sassy disabled that's page you can disable it other says active that one you can only se status! Also one of first clues to network was being messed with was in the my account page TWC. Checked manage my devices and went in and showed me 2.4&5.0 active! While I was staring at router with the light off!! They also I have Ubee DOCIS 3.0 WLCM in the NAT ALG  ALGORITHM section that you check net2phone, rsvp,netios, kerbos, ect  THEY CHECKED EVERY SINGLE ONE!! I ALSO KNOW THEY ARE CLOSE USED BLUETOOTHE DUP (Dial Up Network) /W Thunderbolt bridge interface made for the USB PORT AFTER HACKS THEY USED USB BLUETOOTH/Wifi dongle in USB CARD READER TO GET ALL MY COMPUTERS PHONE TABLET APPLE TV ALL OF INFO MY PERSONAL DATA AND ARE USING CLOUD SERVERS AND MY OWN VPN AGAINST ME WITH MY KEYCAHIN!! 




TWC CANT DO (edited) THEY ARE NO HELP AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NOW ALL MY DEVICES HAVE TO SEND AIRPORT BACK TO APPLE ON $399 credit card hold they burned up my internal hard drive that I used to back up my computer so could just hit restore to fix any of these problems. HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIX ANY POSSIBLE MALWARE STORED IN BOOT-RESET PROCESS OF iPad ,iPhone, Airport! 






Re: Boot EFI's CHANGED on my devices by hacked network!!

Wiki it...


See if there's any rogue mac id's (not your devices) in your wireless lease list and ban them.


Turn off WPS in the wireless router as well as any wireless administration to reduce local hackers access.

You may also want to turn on AP isolation that will prevent any wireless devices including your own, from accessing each other.  Change the ssid to something like CIA monitor, BATF, INS, DEA,Homelandsecurity, or FBI van, lol.

 BTW, porn and pirate sharing sites are loaded with trashware as well as many of the "click here" to fix this or that...


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Re: Boot EFI's CHANGED on my devices by hacked network!!

Those "Public Network #" [or Work Network or Home Network] identifiers are sequentially assigned by the Windows operating system on each individual computer each time you attempt to create a new one on your PC.  'Public Network 4' on one PC is not necessarily the same as 'Public Network 4' on any other Windows computer, unless you specifically set them up that way.   It appears that you have created a network connection seven times so far on the laptop you are looking at.  Moving to your printer issue,  If you check various other TWC user forums, you'll see that the Apple Time Capsule is developing a reputation for bad reliability in many owners minds.