Arris sbg6580 port forwarding

So, I'm trying to port forward on this modem/router combo and everything I've tried just isn't working.  I need to forward port 8080 so that my father-in-law can access my ebook server on his tablet from home.  I set my local IP to which is the pc that's running the server and set both start and end ports to 8080.  I set extenal IP to and both start and end ports to 8080.  It IS enabled, yet every time I check online to see if the port is open, it just times out.  Any help in this matter would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Re: Arris sbg6580 port forwarding

I would set the dhcp start for and put the server on, set that IP to do port 8080 TCP&UDP

 do not use to 0.10 for anything


The external IP should be  the public IP and would end up being lets say to get in from the outside world and of course from your local lan


The 6580 is an all in one and may never work right, It's also an obsolete IPv4 modem no longer supported, TWC was throwing theirs out last year....




Re: Arris sbg6580 port forwarding

all sorted, it was the windows 10 firewall settings.  Btw, what's wrong with the sb5680?  I still get my 60mps down easily.  If it isn't broken, don't fix it

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Re: Arris sbg6580 port forwarding

As MsRaye said before, the SBG6580 does not support IPv6 correctly.  It also does not perform well with TWC's use of expanded channel assignments for internet service mixed in with encrypted digital TV.  If you are in a larger urban area with more than 16 internet DS channels, it's time to upgrade to a newer modem like the Motorola MB7420.