Arris TM1602A - Apple AirPort Extreme

We lost our modem last week during a storm, we have a Spectrum modem with wifi running through an Apple Airport Extreme and two airport express's.  When we "upgarded"  (it really was an upgrade in speed and price, so not a complaint) to Spectrum service from our old Time Warner plan, we had set-up problems that ultimately a tech resolved.  In addition to the apple router devices, I use a network switch to distribute over ethernet to jacks behind all the TVs.


Anyway, after the storm we exchanged the modem and had similar problems with getting the modem to work with the apple devices.  Scheduled an appointment and everything is working, but I was not clear when explaining to my wife that I wanted to use the apple devices for wifi.  So we are currently running a Arris TM1602A and a Spectrum provided Sagemcom Fast 5260 for wifi and not getting any connection through my switch.  (I have confirmed the line coming out of the router is fine by using it directly in my laptop, but when I plug it into the switch and connect to one of the other ports I get no service.)


If it is possible, I would like to go back to the apple devices for wifi.  Any advice on settings would be greatly appreciated so I can use the apple devices and restore connection through my network switch.


For reference, my old set-up looked something like the following:


Line In > Modem (not sure what model) > Airport Extreme (through WAN) > Cat 5e fron Extreme to network switch


Thanks in advance for advice.




Re: Arris TM1602A - Apple AirPort Extreme

If you lost a modem, I'll bet the grounding block is not properly grounded to the electric services common ground point.


 But, you also need to get rid of the crappy all in one combo, get a seperate modem, use an airport as the router and put the switch after it to expand ports.

 Set the DHCP start at and put any static IP's at on down, do not use .2 to .10 as apples have device class issues in that range.

 You need to reset the airport to factory default then tell it to autodetect WAN settings.




Re: Arris TM1602A - Apple AirPort Extreme

Return the Sagemcom router then connect the Arris to the Airport. On a Spectrum plan you are being charged a $5 wifi fee that isn't needed since you are using your own router.